Excavating & Grading

Excavating Equipment & Trucking

Excavating Equipment & Trucking

Bohn Well Drilling has been moving the dirt for more than 25 years. We match our experience with well-maintained equipment to provide outstanding service in the following areas:
  • Excavation of New Homes 
  • Excavation of Additions 
  • Excavation for Shed Pads 
  • City Sewer & Water Hookups 
  • Demolition of Existing Structures
Excavating services and grading operations involve more than simply moving dirt. Finished grade tolerance, compaction, and soil conditions all must be taken into consideration. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff provides our customers with projects completed on time, within budget, and of the highest quality. 

Precision & Quality

Charlie Bohn, our excavation specialist, assists our builders and homeowners in each aspect of excavation on their properties. He will meet onsite to walk-thru the project and offer suggestions based upon our experience. Each job can be quoted and explained so that everyone involved feels comfortable with the end-product. We will help ensure that your site is excavated in a way that is functional and ready for landscapers when completed; all while providing the best cost-efficient pricing.

Whether you are a builder or a homeowner we consider it our priority to provide you with the best products and precision. Our excavators have been doing this work for over 17 years and have made it their personal mission to be concientious and efficient while onsite. 

From large jobs to small, Bohn Well Drilling takes the time to do each job right the first time.  
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