Crane digging used for water well drilling in Greater Minneapolis area


Jay, Shakopee (09.14.16) - Your service has always been above ordinary, with an excellent response time.  The technicians are very knowledgeable and provide a very good quality of work.

Joan, Rosemount (09.13.16)~  Bohn Well Drilling is very dedicated to serving their customers.  I have multiple properties with wells and would have no other company when it comes to taking care of my well.  I have been a customer for over 25 years!

Bert, New Market (08.31.16)~ we were trying to get a new mound system installed with another company and were up against an unreasonable escrow deadline in the middle of the wettest summer in two decades.  Bohn got it completed with days to spare!  Every aspect about this company is efficient and professional, from their thorough paperwork to their well-maintained equipment and shiny new trucks, to the tidy worksite when the job was done!  Everyone from Carrie, Gary, Brandi and the office staff to Jason and the crew were patient, supportive and extremely proficient.  We recommend Bohn very highly!

Dick Hennen, Shakopee(8.15.16) ~ I was very pleased with the professionalism of all the men who recently put in our septic system.  Extremely impressed by them starting the job at 7:30 AM and everything was back in use by 4:00 PM that same day.  The crew onsite was very organized.  Although the area was muddy they did a very careful job to complete the system.  We thank you very much!

Chet Baker, Helmco Products,  Elko (07.21.16) ~ Bohn Well Drilling has provided us with well and septic services for our home for 30 years.  Their service is always prompt and good quality.  Never have I had to wait and worry!

Bryce & Alison Bresnahan, Lakeville (06.14.16)~ I asked my husband how it went and he said that the service person was young kid but knew his stuff and was very polite and respectful.  Thanks Bohn Well!

Jim & Lynn Backes (07.18.16)~ Having been a customer of Bohn since 1990 we have been nothing but satisfied with their prompt replies and service.  We have a very tight fitting utility room which always makes repairs more of an adventure than they should be!  Thanks for going above and beyond to help us fix our pressure tank recently.  It is nice to have a great company still servicing our stuff 26 years later!!  We appreciate you all!

Phil Schrock, President of Enchanted Forests Inc., (07.13.16)~ Thanks for the great service!  Lance did a great job getting things back up and running for us.  We will definitely use Bohn anytime we need well service!

Ed Fonnier, Shakopee (June 2016) ~The Service technicians, Lee & Lance are professional, friendly, prompt and talented (just to name a few of their qualities.  Experience counts when dealing with a unique situation: a motor pump assembly rusted off the pipe after residing in the well since 1978.  They tapped and pulled out from 220 feet working by feel and nothing is visible!  The office staff, Brandi & Carrie, are knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic.  My past positive experience was continued in this latest well service.  I would give the service technicians and staff 5 Stars!

Ben & Pat Rezac, Webster (06.27.16) ~ Bohn Well Drilling provides great service.  From the day they installed our well in 2003, the lightning strike in 2011 and the brown out in 2016, Bohn has done the job.  They are customer oriented, prompt and efficient!  A job well done!  Thank you!

Ed & Janet Lawrence, Shakopee (04.03.16) ~ We have had occasion to need the water and septic services that Bohn Well Drilling Co. provides.  In all instances the Bohn service technicians were very professional and prompt.  We recommend if one is in need of any of the services that they provide you should use Bohn.

Mike, Jordan (1.16.16)- I am writing to express my gratitude for the extra effort and fantastic job that both Lance and Alex provided for us during this past week. We discovered that we had no water at 4 PM. I checked some basic things out, and placed a call to your company at 4:30. Alex and Lance were here by 5 PM, and began troubleshooting the system. 

As a computer consultant, I am familiar with several different troubleshooting methods, and I very much appreciate that your guys checked the least expensive components first. I also appreciate that they went through the process and came to a determination very quickly, in about 30 minutes. 

Most of our system components were approaching 20 years of age (with the exception of the pressure tanks and pressure switch that you guys replaced in 2009). Unfortunately for us, virtually every component was bad and needed replacement, including the pump. 
They immediately got to work on replacing the pump, pulling 120 feet of pipe to do so. Keep in mind that this is after hours work, in the dark, in single digit temps with below zero wind chills. I was out with them for most of the process, and I never heard a single complaint or a single grumble about the conditions or about working late. I asked them a couple of times if they wanted to come inside to warm up a bit, but they politely declined and kept on working. 

I was very impressed. They worked hard, they worked fast, and they worked very well with each other. In fact I commented that watching them work was almost like watching a choreographed dance line. That sounds kind of odd until you think about it — each guy had a series of tasks to perform in relation to the other guy performing his series of tasks, and both guys were flawless and fast. They make a great team! 

Both young men are personable and pleasant to be around, they work hard, they work fast and they are very good at their job. They represent your company extremely well, Because of the service they provided to my family last week, you have us as customers for life. I couldn't be happier with the work they did for us! 

I urge you to do something special for them to recognize their efforts — these are the kind of guys you want working for you for as long as you can keep them! 

Linda, Prior Lake (12.17.15) - Thank you for a job well done! We always know when you send your team things will get done and done right. We appreciate your company and professional manner.

Lori, Webster (12.9.15) -  I would like to send my gratitude for the emergency situation I had last month when the pipe sprung a leak and I had water shooting out in my basement. I could not believe how fast he was there and fixed it. I did not have any damage to the basement do to the speed in which he worked. This happened so early on a Monday morning too.  Thank you all!

Carol, Prior Lake (11.19.15) - We are very pleased with all of the services we have gotten throughout the years!

Libby, Inver Grove Heights (11.15.15) - I could  go on and on, you guys are lifesavers! We have an old house and a very old well. Bohn Well Drilling has helped us time and again. They are good people and good workers. We will need a new well in the coming years, and Bohn Well Drilling will be getting the jobs hands down! 

Susan, Prior Lake (10.12.15) - This company is A-1! They are prompt, fair & knowledgeable. They have been so helpful to us, when we don't know what the problem is, they do! I feel very confident doing business with them. 

Pete, Jordan (10.02.15)- Excellent customer service by your techs! Thank you!

Tom & Val, Prior Lake (9.1.15) - Thank you for your awesome service over the years! You have always been very prompt, helpful, knowledgeable & reasonable in every aspect! 

Walt & Vicki, Prior Lake (8.17.15)- Thank you for the very prompt & professional service once again - just like you have provided us for the past 40 years! You're the best!

Bob & Pam, Shakopee (8.17.15)- Just a note to tell you that we appreciate the quality of your work installing the new septic system. Jason & Dan did an excellent job and we enjoyed having them around. We would highly recommend your company and we would be more than willing to be a reference or answer any questions another customer may have. 

Tom, Prior Lake (6.10.15)- We had a water pressure problem, but the pump was running. After pulling the pipe, it was found the pipe had a hole
and cracked. Pipe was replaced and our water system now is better that it has been since we moved in 14 years ago. I have asked many people for help and done research, this is first time someone has given me answers. We had also problems with dirty filters, heavy sediment. Now, no more sediment, and I know how to clean the filter housing. We are very happy with the service of your company. When water/well events occur, I will call you again. Thank You

Wade, Prior Lake (5.22.15)-Thank you for your service. It was very quick and efficient. 

John, Prior Lake (5.15.15)- We have used Bohn Well Drilling for all our water issues for 15 years. They are as nice as they could be, the work is excellent, the prices are more than fair, and they are always available to help us. I really think there is not much else to know. Thank you for all your help over the years.  

June, Shakopee (4.1.15)- Thank you so much for the prompt response when the pump failed at our shops. We really appreciated the calls keeping us well-informed of the situation. You guys are the best! 

Lavonne, Prior Lake (3.26.15)- Thank you Lee & Brandi! You helped so much dealing with my well - this is all new to me! Lance was also very helpful!

Ted & Jane, Prior Lake (2.6.15)- We have been doing business with Bohn Well Drilling for many years and have found them to be reliable, professional, and customer friendly. In our most recent exchange, we needed to have a new pressure tank installed. They were extremely accommodating to our needs and did a professional job of installing the new tank and disposing of the old. We highly recommend this local company!

Clyde & Betty, Apple Valley (1.28.15)- Thank you Bohn family for taking care of my family for all these years! We are so happy to know that we can trust a company in rather dire circumstance. We had our water supply suddenly stop and they were over within 24 hrs. It was corrected that day. Recently we had a backup in the basement and it was resolved promptly as well. I cannot be more thankful to the excellent team of the Bohn Well Drilling Company! 

Gloria, Sun Fish Lake (12.29.14)- Gary spoke to my plumber who needed to turn off the well to do kitchen repairs. Gary reassured that we would not lose the prime and everything went well.  Thank you so much for taking the time. You have done good work for us in the past and we appreciate your extra help today. 

Kermitt & Kathleen, Prior Lake  (12.22.14)-  I worked several years in service and understand the importance of being thorough and Lee did some excellent work! He even helped me moved some materials from a project I was working on earlier! He is a keeper and as long as I have two wells, I will use Bohn Well Drilling Co.

Dave and Angel, Burnsville (12.18.14)-We called Bohn Well Drilling with a problem regarding low water pressure, and they were able to come out the same day. Unfortunately, it was a very cold day, and as it turns out, unfortunately our problem was much more involved than we anticipated. Lee and Marty expertly diagnosed the problem and relentlessly pursued a solution. It took them into the night, but they were able to get our water running again. They took care of our problem like it was their problem, and they were just so darn pleasant about it! They had to move a wood pile to get to the well area, they had to bring in an air compressor, a new pump and new casings and they had to work long hours in the wind and cold. We truly appreciate their extra effort and the care they put into their work.

Bonnie & Bruce, Shakopee (11/7/14)- To Gary, Brandi & Lee at Bohn Well Co. - I want to thank you for the prompt service and the great technician you set out on the service cal. I could tell he took pride in his work. Thank you!

Ron & Judy Doerfler, Webster (10/13/14)- Thank you, and once the work was started it did not take long! Nice clean equipment 

Joe & Michele Doyle, Lakeville (10/6/14)- I have only had a few occasions to contact Bohn Well Drilling, but every time my needs were met in a timely way; you, in particular you are very responsive and provide excellent customer service. Recently, my husband was out of town we had an incredible amount of rain in a very short period of time. The alarm to our septic went off and I totally freaked out. Fortunately, as the weather subsided the alarm went off and the septic system "self-corrected". It was a Sunday night and I called you the first thing the next morning. Your technicians came almost immediately to check everything out and I was relived and grateful. As it turned out, the system did need attention, which was provided. And a proactive solution for future problems was suggested; rubberized covers which we authorized.  Of course, I hope to not have to call you, but if I do, I know my problems will be handled in a timely manner and professionally. Thank you very much!

Joe & Kathy Pietig, Prior Lake (9/30/14)- I would like to thank you for responding to our no water situation so quickly. I called you on a Friday morning with no water and by noon I was up and running again! Lee Weckman was very helpful and thankfully it was an easy fix. I would strongly recommend your company to anyone who asks!

Andrew & Susan LeFevour, Sun Fish Lake (9/20/14)- On Labor Day weekend, our water suddenly went off. We called and received a call back from Lance who walked my husband through resetting the system. The water came back on for half the day and then was off again. Lance came out immediately and fixed faulty wiring. Even though it was a holiday weekend, service was prompt and Lance followed up a few days later to make sure everything was working properly. We have used Bohn Well Drilling several times over the last few years, and have been very pleased with the technicians and with their level of service. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them highly to others! 

Kathleen Pluntz, Bloomington - Well Sealing (9/2/14)-Good job! The guys knew what they were doing and how to do it! Their demeanor was polite and business-like which I appreciated. I am very satisfied. 
Kathleen & Charles Kauffman, Lakeville (8/28/14)-Thank you for your excellent service. We have struggled with water pressure issues for a decade. We thought it was an issue for a plumber or rust in our pipes. The last plumber told us to call you and you fixed it in a half an hour for a very reasonable fee. I wish I had called you ten years ago! 

George Schiller, Prior Lake - Well Installation (8/7/14)- I give Bohn Well Drilling Compay a BIG A+ for the well they put in for me. Service technician Lee and Marty, the well man were very professional at what they do. I enjoyed meeting and talking to both of them.

Steve Gunn, Medicine Lake (8/1/14)- Thanks! Lee did a good job :)  

Don & Joan Lynch, Shakopee (7/17/14)- Brandi: I am certain you must be proud of your family's company. The smoothness and professional work done on our well repair was deeply appreciated. The timing and cost of repair were both appreciated as well.  

Stella Bauer, Shakopee (7/17/14)- Thanks so much for the good service repairing my no water problem. I was very pleased with the entire process. Lee is so very efficient, he found the problem within a few minutes and I had water within 1 hour. I would highly recommend Bohn Well Drilling to anyone for their prompt excellent service. Thanks again! 

Moshe & Susan Nadler, New Market (6/26/14)- We would like to thank you again for you prompt response to our problem with our well. Every time we have called you, you have been right there and solved our problem on your first visit.  

On this occasion, we were experiencing a loss of water pressure and weren't sure of the source of the problem. You came over at our first convenience and proceeded to work right away. It's not like we made it easy for your service guys either. Our landscaper had so cleverly hidden our well pipe into a raised garden with a block wall. It was not easy to maneuver the truck into the right position without taking out any of our maple or oak trees - not to mention the hosta garden and the block wall. The service team were extremely careful working around the plants in the garden and not one was even damaged! 

A leak was found in the baldder of the tank which was under warranty and was reaplaced at no additional charge. We were so happy to not have any down time without water. And in addition to that, we were pleased with how reasonable the bill was. We chould'nt be happier with your service and would readily recommend you to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much.  

Richard Swan, Lakeville (6/17/14)- Thanks to Lee's quick help! The well is working great! 

Mike & Diane Seifert, Jordan (6/13/14)- We have been using Bohn Well since 1977. They have always responded promptly to our calls. They are very professional and have always gotten our water needs back online in a timely manner. Our whole family uses Bohn Well and will continue to do so! 

Amy Hunting, Inver Grove Heights (6/12/14)- I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased we are with the service you gave to us. Late on a Friday evening, we discovered that we had no water. We called your service line early Saturday morning and were called back quickly, and a time was set to come to our house that morning. Lee worked quickly and fixed the problem perfectly along with making some adjustments that will improve things for the future. It was so nice to know that we can depend on you for absolutely great service when we need it. Thank you so much to your company and Lee! 

Dan McCollar, Webster - Septic Installation (6/2/14)- Thank you so much for the work on the new septic system. The guys were so helpful with pricing it out in my budgeting process when I initally bid on the property. Also, the crew was very fast and professional in doing the job and helping me with the questions I had. Great job! You all were such nice people as well in helping me with the entire process.  

Dick Cechettini, Prior Lake (5/19/14)- I am extremely pleased with the quality of service provided by your technicians. He was on time, efficient and professional while completing a repair job. I would happily recommend your company to anyone needing well service.  

Mary Stoner & Jeff Holcomb, Inver Grove Heights (5/19/14)- Thank you for the timely & friendly response! 

Mike Brower - Golf Course Superintendent of MN Valley Country Club, Bloomington (5/9/14)- I am compelled to tell you how impressed I was with the quick response and exemplary services from Bohn Well Drilling Company, when I called on a Saturday for service to our non-operating well. I was told you would have a technician out in an hour, and you did! Refreshing! The technican arrived with a positive attitude and had all the tools and parts on his truck to get the job done. There were several issues he had to resolve with this job, both electrical and mechanical, and it quickly became obvious that he had the knowledge and skill to tackle each of the problems he discovered. The results were outstanding and our well system is operating smoothly! Again, refreshing to see such outstanding service and professionalism! Thank you! 

Todd & Chris Strong, Lakeville (5/7/14)- We would just like to say thank you to Bohn Well and your company's customer service. Jeremy has helped us out with a couple of minor well issues lately and is always professional, timely, and informative. I know we can trust Bohn to do the job right and seek a solution rather than just replace parts and charge for a trip out to check things. Bohn came highly recommended to me for well service and I recommend Bohn highly to everyone.  

Jim Larson, Shakopee (5/7/14)- I was very pleased with the service provided by Bohn Well Drilling and found the tech, Lee Weckamn both very efficient and pleasant.  

Sandy Scharlemann, Maple Grove (4/10/14)- I want to thank the whole Bohn team for wonderful service, great pricing, respectful workers, and quick turnaround from the phone call to arrival at my house. Looking back on all of my appliance repair, maintenance and installation people, you truly are the best.  

Thanks so much for being there for me! I love the way you always come so fast and are totally prepared for anything. For this particular service, another company told me it would take at least 3 days to get the part. Your Jeremy had it done in a few hours. You have a great company and I truly appreciate the time I worked with you! Have a great year!! 

Rob & Karen Taylor, New Prague (4/7/14)- We had a well pump failure on our 19 year old well. I called Bohn Well Drilling at 8:30am and by 9:30 am the same day Jeremy was at our door. He quickly diagnosed the problem and went straight to work. He was able to explain the problem in a way that my husband and I could understand and efficiently corrected the issues. We were very satisfied with the level of professionalism and friendliness of Jeremy and the fact that he was able to literally get us up and running in a few hours. THANK YOU Bohn Well! Sincerely, Rob and Karen.  

Gloria Belzer, Lakeville (3/25/14)- on March 4th, I was experiencing a semi-emergency regarding my well/water system. I called two different well drilling companies as I had no water pressure and felt perhaps the pipes might have frozen. I have utilized Bohn Well Drilling Co. on another property in Prior Lake. Bohn responded to my call with efficiency while I never heard from the other company. 

Lee Weckman, the Service Representative, evaluated the situation and determined the problem was most likely the control box. He was correct as the box resolved the problem. He also cleared the snow around the well in case the problem was not resolved and another technician might have to access the area. 

Mr. Weckman was very pleasant and efficient. The office personnel who answered my call this time as well as in the past, have always been very helpful. The trip and fuel surcharge fees are reasonable. Thank you for your exceptional service.  

 Wiley Vogt, Shakopee (3/13/14)- Even in the worst weather conditions, the service tech's provided excellent service in a timely manner. Overall satisfaction is 100%! 

Jack & Judith Brinkhaus, Shakopee (3/13/14)- Thank you for the quick service! 

Joe & Jackie Franek, Shakopee (3/5/14)- Thank you for your prompt, courteous and professional service. After calling your company on a Sunday evening and having your service technicians at our door first thing in the morning, was very much appreciated. Jeremy and Lee were very informative and performed their work in a timely manner. They were great representatives of your company. We would highly recommend your company for the services you performed on our well.  

Casey Randall, Burnsville (3/2/14)- Bohn Well Drilling installed my well when I built my house in 1987. Over the years they have been my go-to source for all my well issues and questions. I would never consider calling anyone else.They are simply the best! A dedicated, knowledgeable, contentious, and friendly group who know their business. They were always there when I needed them, especially in a pinch, day or night in all types of weather. Thank you very much to the entire group: Gary, Lee, Brandi and the crews! 

Mike Schrader, Dundas (2/25/14)- Hired for well repair: Bohn Well Drilling was quick to respond and kept us updated. Friendly, professional service. Will use again! 

Peggy Sanko, Shorewood (2/6/14)- Your technician was awesome!! Very friendly and professional!! 

William Millette, Savage (2/5/14)- Thanks for the good service and quick too. Lee did a great job getting us running again.  

Don Amundson, Jordan (1/28/14)- On January 7th, Lee stopped by and fixed the wiring at my well site which I had damaged. He came within a half hour of me calling Bohn and did an excellent job of fixing the problem. He has plans to return after the ground thaws to finish the underground work. 

Jean Jagerson, Crystal (1/20/14)- A satisfied customer sent me to your door and I would be happy to send you one. Your staff is most kind and nice to work with! 

Dave & Lori Aaker, Prior Lake (1/14/14)- We would like to tank everyone at Bohn Well Drilling for the great service you recently provided us. A few days before Thanksgiving, which we host for about 25-30 family members, Murphy's Law kicked in and our well pressure tank went out after many years. However, with one call to Bohn we were back up and running within 24 hours. From the call to Karla, in the office, to notify her of a problem and her assitance with setting up a technician, to the technician that came out and repaired the problem, everything was easy and done in a timely, professional fashion. 15 years ago we were fortunate to have our home builder choose Bohn Well to put both our well and septic in and now all these years later we have a reliable company to turn to when we need a repair done. Thank you again for such fantastic service! 

Joan Wood (1/13/14)- Whenever I have called Bohn Well Drilling (no matter how cold or what time of night) for help with my various propertiesthey came right away. They give options and honest opinions, which I know some companies do not. About 8 years agao my elderly inlaw's well was out and they had contacted one of Bohn's competitors. That competitor said that they would not be out for at least 3 days, which would mean no water for 3 days. We called Bohn and they were able to get their right away. I would highly recommend them! 

Mark Engel & Janelle Kuznia, Lakeville (10/22/13)- Thank you for the very efficient and professional job that was provided during the installation of our new septic system. We found your pricing to be very competitive and your service excellent. Jason is personable, attentive to details, accommodating and very thorough. He left the job site looking great when he was finished. Thank you again, we are very pleased with our new septic system! 

Nick Beste, Deephaven (9/23/13) - Bohn Well Drilling is awesome!!! Our well stopped working around 2pm on a Friday and by 7pm that night they had it up and running again! I could not have asked for better service, especially on a Friday night! They truly care about their customers and will have us as a customer for life. 

Kirk & Lisa Rickert, Prior Lake (8/9/13) - We just wanted to thank you for your honest, professional service when we needed our septic pump replaced. Your fast response to our call and subsequent same-day service is a testament for your care and concern for your customers. We truly thank you for all that you did to get our septic system up and running again! 

Randy & Debbie Holmes, Prior Lake (8.2.13) - Bohn Well Drilling has been helping us out with well related issues for over 20 years. They have always responded promptly, kept us informed of the repair costs and have done their best to take care of our problems. Thanks for your dependable service!!! 

Wally & Alice Lureen (7.23.13) - We were very happy with your services and would recommend your business very highly. Lee is very professional and friendly. Thank you again for the way your company took care of everything. 

Kenneth Allen, New Market (7.9.13) - I received what I expected from Bohn Well Drilling Co; an explanation of the problem and quick repair from an experienced technician. (Customer since 1978) 

Wally Schauman, Jordan (6/6/13) - Lee Weckman did an excellent job!!! 

Roger & Janice Ehnes (5/17/13) - In April we were experiencing problems with our well and not knowing who to call. I went to the yellow pages and picked Bohn's. The women in the office that answered the phones were helpful, answered all of our questions and sent someone out right away. The guys that came out were able to answer all of our questions, they had to dig up our waterline for repairs but di so with minimal damage to our yard. When they were done they shoveled all the dirt off of our grass. Everyone we dealt with was very polite and helpful; plus their pricing was very reasonable. We would definately reccommend Bohn's to everyone. 

Glen Ladwig, Savage (3/4/13) - We were very happy with the response time to our well problem. Your service was top notch from start to finish and we will use your services again in the future. 

Jack & Marcia Schabel, Lakeville (2/19/13) - Brandi, and all the fine folks at Bohn Well Drilling: Waking up to find there is no water in teh house is NOT a good way to start a day! But a call to Bohn yielded a very quick response, and superior service had the water flowing again in just a few hours. 

Jeremy was at our house in short order, tested systems to find the best solution, and when he finally decided the pump was what needed to be replaced, took the time explain the process and to exhibit tremendous patience in answering all my questions. sure, replacing the well pump was not the solution we had hoped for, but being able to observe the repair/replacement process was very intresting.   

From the friendly office staff to the professional work done by Jeremy, we appreciate our relationship with Bohn over the past 20 Years. 

Don & Faye, Shakopee (2/6/13) - We have been a customer of Bohn's for approximately 16 years. Whenever we have had to call them they reply and arrive promptly. Everyone we have dealt with was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, prepared and tidy. We have always been very satisfied and will continue to call them if needed. 

Connie Syata, Burnsville (Feb, 2013) - Thanks so much for your promptness during the hectic holiday season. Your techs were very efficient while working in a tight area. They assessed the problem, were very organized, gave us godd information on what was happening and it was all cleaned up when they left! I also appreciated the follow-up a few days later to make sure everything was okay. It was a pleasure doing buisness with you! 

Gayle Roberts, Shakopee (1/30/13) - We appreciate the timely response and efficient service we received. Thank you. 

Betty Johnson & Clyde Wilen, Apple Valley (1/28/13) ~ Working with us since 1981- You are simply the best, that's why I don't check out any other options! Thank You! 

Carolyn Aura (January 2013) ~ Complete septic system replacement - I just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciated you hard work. From Charlie Bohn, who came out to give me the estimate. Brandi, who always knew the answers, Jason & Dan who did all the digging (and every other request I asked them). You were all FANTASTIC!! You made our experience great and if any one asks your company for a reference please give them my name! 

Jack & Tracey Kubitz (11/13/12) - We would like to thank Bohn Well and especially Lee3 for the great work . Also a big thank you for recommending The Water Doctors to redo our water treatment system. We will happily recommend both companies in the future. 

Nick Sovell, Elko (11/01/12) - Great Job by your crew. (completed a septic system replacement) 

John Dubois, Shakopee (4/16/12) - I want to thank Lee for the responsive job on my property. With that response I will use your company again for service. You came to help and I thank you. 

Gade's, Shakopee (11/18/11) - We appreciate that Bohn's response to our call is a priority, they are respectful and we love their service. These are the reasons that they have been our service provider since 1996! Thank you! 

Deb & Kevin Perron, Elko ~ septic system installation (10/10/12) - Doing business during difficult economic times is not easy. Now more than ever the customer must be the primary concern of anyone dealing with the public and providing a service. I know this to be true in my business and it is now perfectly clear it is the case in yours. You came highly recommended to us by our neighbor/friend, Jay Williams. He assured us of your reputation an overall quality of your work product. He new we were looking to do business with a company from Scott County, to ensure a solid understanding of the local requirements and permit process. It was important to us to hire a contractor which was familiar with septic systems and could handle this approval/installation process from start to finish. 

I pride myself in nver being bashful when it comes to handling problems or getting my concerns or complaints heard and resolved. Likewise, I find great satisfaction in recongizing individuals and the company they represent for providing "unsurpassed customer service". The obvious pride in your company portrayed by each and every one of your employees is a sound testimonal to Gary Bohn and your many associates. Every contact we experienced fromt the office staff to the workers in the field was an absolute pleasure. Rarely in today's society do so many people from one organization follow through on commitments and continually perform like the professionals they are. 

The attention to detail on the finished product and installation fo this entire system in a timely manner (2 days start to finish) was truly amazing and definately appreciated. We will never hesitate to recommend your company to those needing well or septic services. Please extend our gratitude toyour enire "Team" for a job well done! 

JIm McCarty, Prior Lake (9/28/12) - when our well stopped pumping water I thought for sure our beautiful lawn was going to turn a premature brown. Your lead service tech, Lee Weckman, came riding over the hill on his white stallion with a flag waving over his head that said Bohn to the Rescue!!! Seriously, Lee responded to our call quickly, with the right skills and parts to get our well pumping again....FAST! Thank you.... your are the BEST!! 

Larry Ricklick, Shakopee (9/26/12)- On April 27th, 2012 Lee arrived & discovered that my yard hydrant was leaking. So he went back to the shop to get the bachoe. He returned promptly and dug a large hole so that he could repair the leak. He worked hard and steady until the job was complete. He backfilled the hole, then cleaned the remaining clay and dirt off of my driveway. It was a very neat and professional job. Lee does this thorough type of work everytime he arrives for a service call. He is a true credit to your company. 

Jim & Linda, New Market Twp (9/25/12)- The well and septic system at our home were installed by Bohn in 1993 for the original owners. We've been extremely happy with the prompt and professional service we've received from Lee. Once with a loose septic tank pump and most recently with a failed well pump; both times we were back in operation within hours of calling. We were kept well informed about when someone would be arriving and Lee worked late to get us back into service. He is excellant at explaining the operations and on-going maintenance of the well. It is very nice to get this kind of consistently good service. 

Walt & Vicki Bielke, Prior Lake (9/19/12) - Thank you for many years of great service! You always get here as soon as you can to help us out. Lee is great! This is a very professional & nice company to do business with. (customer since 1986) 

Jake & Rachel Tupy, Prior Lake~ New home excavation & hookups (8/29/12) - Charlie thank you so much for all of your help and hard work in making our home a success! We love how everything turned out, and we are very pleased. We appreciate all you've done! Thank you again.

Patrick & Joyce McCue, Shakopee (8/08/12) - Excellent service! Friendly, techinal people ~ this is the only place to go for service. (Customer since 2001) 

Delores Klingberg, Jordan Customer since 1986, (7/16/12) - I have always had a great relationship with Bohn Well. Lee came when I called, was very courteous and this was on a Sunday Morning! 

Thank you! 

Preston & Karen Larson, Sky Harbor Air Park, Webster (7/15/12) - Thank you for the excellent service and workmanship on our well pump upgrade! Our new variable pressure system works great and provides plenty of water pressure even when our new irrigation system is on.

Gloria Williams, Sun Fish Lake (6/29/12) - I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate the work that Lee Weckman did at our home recently. I spoke with him on the phone and he told me waht he thought our problem was. He was right and came with what he needed to fix the problem. He is very good at his job and always pleasant to have around. Thanks to Bohn Well Drilling and Lee Weckman for the fast and efficient service. 

Tom & Lori Mosby, Lakeville (5/30/12) - We have been relying on Bohn Well Drilling for 28 years and counting. It seems taht every time we have a problem it occurs on a holiday weekend or after weeks of rain or some other major challenge! No matter what, every time they have come through for us with very prompt, efficient service at fair prices. Lee and his crew know their business and your firm has old-fashioned itegrity. Thanks again, and we do recommend you every time the subject comes up! 

Dave & Lynn Flattem, Shakopee (5/20/12) -We appreciate Lee's quick response in an after hours situation, putting our minds at ease that the problem would be solved the next day. You will continue to be the people we call for our well and septic needs. 

Barb Monnens, Marystown Bar - Thank you to Lee and Gary for their prompt service in getting us back up and running in no time. We were able to keep the bar up and running without interruption to our services 

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Weber, Inver Grove Heights (10/20/11) - Our note of thanks for your quick response on our call and the job well done. Mike was a good workman and did a great job. We would recommend your company to anyone and we will spread the word of your great service. Thanks again, your employees made our water mess lighter by being here for us and we will call you again if anything is needed. 

Rick & Jill, New Prague (10/17/11) - Bohn Well Drilling has worked for us form the time they installed our well nearly 20 years ago to the few times we have needed help. Sometimes just a question answered over the phone or having to come out for a service call. Bohn Well has had very fast and reliable service with resonable rates. We always feel good about their services and they have been in business for so long.       

Cannon Falls Campground, LLC (10/10/11) - Bohn Well has been servicing our well and septic issues since 2003. The most knowledgable technician is dispatched the first time we call and is able to correct the problem. They are very proficient in residential and business sized equipment for repairs and replacements. 

Jim, Jordan (10/10/11) - Very satisfied with the prompt and knowledgable service! 

Greg & Alice M, Woodbury (8/26/11) - Thanks to Lee for his awesome service and time he took to help us troubleshoot some things to determine the problem. I was impressed by how professional the entire staff was from the initial call to the end result of Lee solving our septic issue.  

Erich, Bloomington (6/25/11) - Thank you for a job well done! (sealing old well) 

Jeff Thorsfeldt, Jordan (1/20/11) - The work, as always, was excellent, timely and very professional! I appreciate the excellent work done.

Smolik's, Inver Grove Heights (11/4/10) - Thank you for the great job! Very Professional! (septic system replacement)
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