Septic Services

Crane digging used for water well drilling in Greater Minneapolis area

Superior Septic System Installation, Design & Service

 Even if you are not deeply involved in the construction of your new home, it is worthwhile to understand the process by which septic systems get placed, designed, permitted, and installed. Asking the right questions of your engineers, county inspectors, system designers, and installers will give you some assurance that your septic system will meet the requirements of your property (e.g., its slope, soil permeability, groundwater level, proximity to surface water/wetlands) and the demands your household can reasonably be expected to place upon it.

This is critical because poorly sited/designed systems will be prone to early failure, not withstanding good maintenance practices. On the other hand, a well-sited and designed system that receives proper care and maintenance will safely and cost-effectively treat your home's wastewater for 20 or 30 years. Contact Bohn Well Drilling for more information on the importance of proper septic system installation.

Your Experts in Sewer Systems

All of our installers are licensed by Minnesota Pollution Control and further their education every year. We can proudly say that our septic crew has been installing systems together for more than 17 years; they are like a well-oiled machine. Our crews are knowledgeable in their field, can expertly maneuver the equipment, and provide our homeowners with a system that looks good and works great! We not only specialize in systems for new homes but can install replacement systems for existing homes as well.

Sometimes your alarm may sound or you might have other complications with your septic system. We can provide service in those areas also. With our team of installers, you can rest assured that the job will be done right.  

Septic System Compliance Inspections

Gary Bohn, is licensed as a septic system inspector. We can take care of your septic system compliance inspections when needed for property transfers. Our most common service areas are in these counties: Scott, LeSueur, Rice, Carver and Dakota; but we are willing to travel to many locations. Each County and sometimes city has their own requirements and regulations so please feel free to contact our office for information, questions and pricing.

 A Licensed System Designer

Gary is also our in-house licensed designer. He can assist you in determining a location for your system and design the entire system so it's ready for permitting and installation. We pride ourselves on working with our builders and homeowners to ensure we provide them with a good system that is esthetically pleasing. Not only will your system work good but it will look good too! Contact us, your complete start to finish contractor.  
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