Well Services

Crane digging used for water well drilling in Greater Minneapolis area

 Your Source for Well Repairs, Installations & Services

At Bohn Well Drilling, we perform full well drilling services using the latest technology. Turn to us first for any of the following services:

New Wells

We are happy to help with site selection and advice, or assist you in preparing the site to accommodate the drilling equipment for your well in relation to your plans for the building site or septic location. We can also assist you in determining your desired gallons per minute, ranging from standard pump systems to the constant pressure setups. Don't hesitate to contact our office if you are looking to install an irrigation well~ we do those too!

Existing Wells

Many times; your existing well can be repaired or upgraded depending upon your location and situation. We service any type of well and all aspects of the well itself, including the pump, tank, and controls. Well repairs also include air lifting your well to clean the water. We pride ourselves on performing all services in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. 

Water Testing & Diagnostic

 If looking to have yearly maintenance done to your well this is the place to start. We can test your water for coliform, nitrates, arsenic, and lead. Our technician can run some test on your well to determine the gallons per minute production, if the pump is running good and adjust the pressure. We take the time to look over the controls and pressure tank to ensure it is not leaking and give you a "status report" on your well. This is not mandatory but an option if you, as a homeowner are interested. Contact us for pricing and scheduling. 

 Selling your home? This is the testing that is usually requested by the buyers of your property and msot mortgage companies.

 Old Wells

Upon selling or renovating your home, you may find there is an old well on the property. All unused wells must be sealed. We can assist you in sealing these old wells permanently and providing the sealing record upon completion.

Geothermal Installer

Looking for the latest technology in heating and cooling your home? Our installers are licensed with IGSHPA (International Ground Source Heat Pump Association) to provide installation of either horizontal installation or vertical heat loop drilling, which includes connecting all the piping to your home. This type of work can be done for new homes and existing ones, city and country lots, residential and commercial properties.
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